Monday, 21 July 2014

Production Design for 'Buy Buy Baby' (NFTS 2012, Directed by Gervais Merryweather)

A selection of the characters that I designed for the film, 'Buy Buy Baby'.



  Very early Fred design

 Lift Operator

 Switchboard Girls

 Switchboard Operator

 Very early Trader designs


 Trading Floor Madness

 Early trader designs


 Trader Concept

 Tribal Traders

 Trading Floor Madness



 Anal Clerk

 Trader Designs

 More Trading Madness

The Music Room

 Anal Clerk


  Early Fred design

 Very early Fred designs




Workers in the Typing Pool


 Very early tribal Traders

 Trader on fire!

Trader embrace

 Trader eating hat

 Native American design

 Very early Trader designs

 Tribal Trader

 Trader abstraction

Mass of Traders (background by Henry Lambourne)

 Fred Final

Link to the film:

Scent of Cedar